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Education Coordinator Dave Bolt

Want to Join a CFA® Exam Study Group?

Each year many CFA candidates participate in informal study groups, finding them an effective way to study for the CFA exam. Informal study groups consist of 2-20 candidates who meet regularly to review and study the material associated with the CFA® exam.

CFA Society San Francisco facilitates the formation of self-study groups by acting as a clearinghouse. We match you with candidates in your area interested in study groups and provide tips on how to successfully set up and run a your group. We will begin assembling Study Groups in January and September for each exam cycle.

We divide the SF Bay Area into four regions: North Bay, East Bay, South Bay and San Francisco. Please indicate which area you wish to participate in for a study group. Email Dave Bolt (See below) and he will put you in contact with other candidates from that region for study.

You are responsible for contacting candidates on the email we send you in return.

If you are interested in being part of a self-study group, please email Education Director Dave Bolt at

CFA exam study group formation is a free service provided by CFA Society San Francisco.