Industry Membership Application
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For more information about Industry Membership, including sponsorship requirements, please read our page. 

The CFA Institute 'Standards of Practice Exam' must be completed before your membership is activated: 

Sponsor and supervisor forms must be downloaded, signed, and attached to the Application upon submission. There is also a full form version of the application (PDF) along with the sponsor forms at the bottom of this page should you prefer applying via snail mail.

Dues are $150 per year and for the time being check-only. Please remit to CFA Society San Francisco, 235 Montgomery Street, Suite 725, San Francisco, CA 94104 .

Underlined fields contain additional information, hover over those fields with your mouse to reveal the contents. 

Contact Michael at CFASF if you need assistance. Thank you! 

Industry Membership Forms

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Industry Membership Forms
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Industry Membership Application - full form PDF (169.84 KB) Administration 5/20/2015
Industry Sponsor Form PDF (70.17 KB) Administration 5/20/2015
Industry Supervisor Form PDF (71.93 KB) Administration 5/20/2015